Friday, March 27, 2009 will be expanding its inventory to include favorite brands such as Bluworld and Alpine. Along with this inventory expansion which includes more brands. will be renovating its entire site with an updated look. Very exciting for our water fountain shoppers. I personally love the wall art fountains.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

How to choose the Right Fountain

Will you be using the fountain inside or outside? Or you may want a fountain that can be transitioned from an indoor fountain to and outdoor fountain if you change your mind. Making this decision first will help narrow down your choices. (Indoor Fountains, Outdoor Fountains.)

Where will you be placing your fountain? If you have a large empty wall or even small children, you may want to consider a wall fountain. A wall fountain can still bring the peace and serentiy of a fountain into the home, but it is conveniently hung on the wall, out of the way.
If you have a small environment to which you would like to add a fountain, you may want to consider a Tabletop Fountain or a tall, narrow Floor Fountain. Floor fountains and Free Standing Fountains are also a great choice for a large area as they are available in many different sizes.

Is there a particular style of the space you will be putting the fountain? If your home or office has a contemporary style or design, you may want to go with a contemporary designed water fountain such as a stainless steel fountain. If your style is rustic or southwestern, you may want to go with a copper, slate or bronze water fountain. If your home or area has a casual or nautical feel to it, you may want to go with river rock fountains, Acrylic fountains or even Granite fountains.

Is there a lot of traffic in the area where you will be placing the fountain? It is often to one's benefit to think about the area you intend to place your fountain. If you will be hanging a wall fountain or using a floor fountain, be sure to know the measurements such as diameter to be sure people do not run into the fountain as they pass by. If you have children or pets, you may also want to take into consideration of toys or hands or pets drinking from your fountain. In this case, you may want to go with a wall fountain or even a table fountain for that safe location. There are many types of fountains for many types of needs.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Add a Fountain - Landscaping Ideas by Green Thumbs USA

  • Hi, So you want to "Add a Fountain" Welcome to the blog that I hope will inspire you to make that dream become a reality.

Water is one of the hottest design elements that is being incorporated into every day life, whether it be residential or commercial.

Water has the capability to transport us into that peaceful, serene state in which we have the tendency to forget today's stresses and worries. What a wonderful way to improve our health!
Any environment can instantly be transformed to that state of tranquility, with the addition of a water fountain. Just by bringing the water element inside or outside our enviroment, we bring nature to lives.
Whether you decide to go with an outdoor fountain, indoor fountain, or tabletop fountain, as long as the water flows, it the stress goes.......